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Each family has their own story and I am constantly humbled whenever people invite me to document moments with their family.  I remembered leafing through old family photos and be instantly transported back to that era when big hair is in (mom) and fashion is out (me).  But I noted one thing, regardless how much […]

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Life as a Mermaid

Love can be found in the most unlikely places, so is greatness.  I was fortunate enough to have met Aulia during my visit to West Borneo this year and shared a slice of his life.  He told me he sees his life as that of a mermaid, split between two realms.  Having been born with […]

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On a question that lingers

There are moments in my life when I question the purpose of the work of my hands.  This question arises out of my own dissatisfaction with what I was doing and I realized it was entirely my fault that I have arrived at this point.  I decided to leave my job, sell or give away […]

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