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On Parents

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a family portrait, but instead of the usual assignment – young parents with their small children, this time it was a grown woman and her parents. Shooting a mature family has its different kind of sweetness.  I suppose, we, the grown up children have left home, led our […]

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Food for the soul

One can tell a lot about a place and its people through the food they eat.  What one cooks converse a multitude of stories.  The places they have been, the journeys they have taken, the families they come from, even their beliefs. I was passing through the city of Medan in North Sumatra and friends […]

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In 2011 I had gone to the largest leprosy center in Lalgadh, Nepal – for one pure selfish reason:  I wanted to see and experience a life outside of my own world.  During the weeks that I was there, I stayed at the hospital worker’s compound where they kindly gave me a little house to […]

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Going Solo

An unexpected invitation and one short flight not long after brought me to a city called Solo in Central Java.  The beauty of an event that begins its life unexpectedly is that it tends to lend itself to  more and more unexpected things in the course of the journey.  And every situation, good or bad, […]

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Life as a Mermaid

Love can be found in the most unlikely places, so is greatness.  I was fortunate enough to have met Aulia during my visit to West Borneo this year and shared a slice of his life.  He told me he sees his life as that of a mermaid, split between two realms.  Having been born with […]

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