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Going Solo

An unexpected invitation and one short flight not long after brought me to a city called Solo in Central Java.  The beauty of an event that begins its life unexpectedly is that it tends to lend itself to  more and more unexpected things in the course of the journey.  And every situation, good or bad, […]

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The tie that binds

There is no event or story to tell in this post, but a mere collection of yellowing memories that surfaced as I go through my photo archive. These are portraits of people who at some point in life have crossed my path.  They carry within them a light and a song, some are bold, some […]

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Painting with light

My first love, ever, is painting.  As a little girl when all my friends were busy reading Japanese comic books, I’d save my pocket money for months and buy a book on painters and their work.  I’d pore over the pages for hours, admiring the works of artists like Degas, Rembrandt and Monet. The melody […]

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