On Parents

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a family portrait, but instead of the usual assignment – young parents with their small children, this time it was a grown woman and her parents.

Shooting a mature family has its different kind of sweetness.  I suppose, we, the grown up children have left home, led our own lives, filling our time with our priorities.  And when we return home, we see them age a little bit more compared to the image we keep in our minds.  There is a sense of bittersweetness, and perhaps a heightened sense of appreciation of what they mean to us – now.

Upon receiving the images I took of that day, she shared her thoughts on her parents which she articulated oh so beautifully.  She said: “We probably spent years and years wishing our parents would get off our back…only to realize that parents are the only one who always had our back.  In any situation. ”


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