In 2011 I had gone to the largest leprosy center in Lalgadh, Nepal – for one pure selfish reason:  I wanted to see and experience a life outside of my own world.  During the weeks that I was there, I stayed at the hospital worker’s compound where they kindly gave me a little house to myself.  One morning I woke up  and found these girls (in the picture below) laid fresh flowers outside at my doorstep.  I asked one of the girls why she did that and her answer was “You have no one here to make you smile.  This is to make you smile”.

Kindness from a stranger is a powerful thing.

The past few days has been gut wrenching with the tragedy of Air Asia.  I see grieving faces of families and relatives plastered all over websites, newspapers and replayed non stop on tv.  So much sadness it’s difficult to think of celebrating a new year.  And then I see how a bunch of strangers come together and gave their all to help with this tragedy.  The president, the government officials, the locals, neighboring countries… and this reminded me of the little flower story three years ago in Nepal.  Kindness from a stranger is a powerful thing.

So if I must have a resolution for 2015 it will be this: Be kinder to others.  Be kinder to self.


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